Thomas Roman Architecture utilizes a small dedicated staff, as well a strong network of consultants and associates to address each project’s unique requirements. We have alliances with other architects, landscape architects, civil and structural engineers, landscape architects as well as electrical  and mechanical engineers. Project delivery is tailored according to each project’s requirements.  TR-A offers personalized service and fast response.  With our network of associates, we efficiently manage all aspects of the project for the desired outcome in which the client’s needs are addressed every step of the way.

Another advantage for our clients is that our firm uses the latest technology which creates BIM (Building Information Modelling) for any structure we design. This allows us to show clients what the final space will look like even before the building process begins; any pitfalls or undesired consequence of the design are  reconsidered as a result before construction begins.

Moreover, we take pride in our construction documents which our software helps us to create with clarity and ease.  This translates into cost savings for you.   Clear construction documents make it through the planning process faster.  Also, contractors are clear on what is specified and intended for both bidding and building.  Our software expertise as well as the continual dialogue we insist that our clients take part of during the designing process benefits everyone.  The outcome is an elegant design solution which satisfies everyone.  Our intention is that our clients come away from their experience  of working with us with an outstanding building that satisfies their needs and desires in many ways for years to come.

For a Statement of Qualifications, a  PDF Document is available via this link: SOQ Document

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Project Construction Documents

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