Thomas Roman Architecture has over 25 years of experience designing residences – both high end and more modestly sized homes.  We are concerned with using sustainable materials and solutions when it is both appropriate and affordable.  The use of materials and design evolve by way of the elements determined by the nature of the site and most critically, by working in tandem with both the homeowner and contractor.  Elegant, affordable, timely and sustainable solutions are what we at TR-A strive to give the client; and this is achievable by working with and our expert team of consultants.

Another advantage for our clients is that our firm uses software which creates for us BIM (Building Information Modelling). This allows us to show the client what the final space will look like even before the building process begins;   any pitfalls or undesired consequence of the design are  reconsidered as a result before construction begins.

We also take pride in our construction documents which the software our firm uses helps us create with clarity and ease.  Some examples can be found below.  Our software expertise as well as the continual dialogue we insist that our clients take part of during the designing process benefits everyone, and helps to inform the most elegant design solution.  Our intention is that our clients come away from their experience  of working with us with an outstanding home that satisfies their needs and desires on many levels for years to come.


Project Images

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Construction Documents